Pink cadillac

Choreographer: Lawson
Jive Phase V

Intro - fcg/no hands
  wait;;   skate L & R;
  side 2-step;   skate R & L;   
  side 2-step; |6
  (rk) flicks into breaks  - 
  change L to R  (rk, rec);; |14

Part A - 
  chasse L & R;    
  change R to L (LOD- RH-shake)
  change L to R to tandem;;;   
  catapult  -   lindy catch  -  
  change L to R;;;;;   she go-he go  - 
  Am. spin;;;   link to whip turn;;(COH)
  curly whip;; (wall)   stop & go;;  
  shoulder shove (rk, rec);; - no hnds

Part B - 
  sailor shuffle 2x;   behind, side,
  sailor shuffle;   REPEAT;;
  (rk)  chasse rolls;; (LOD)   
  chasse rolls;; (Bfly)
  Sp. arms 2x;;   rk apt, rec, sd, close;

Inter - 
  away 3 & kick;    tog 3 & tch;

End - 
  side lunge;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - Inter - A B - Intro(7-14) - A B - End

Martin Prüfer,