Orient Express Fox

Choreographer: Moore
Fox Phase V

Intro - 
  shadow/DW both LF free 
  (W to M's Rt)  wait;   
  forward hover;  
  (bk) feather finish;  PU - M trans;

Part A - 
  full rev trn;;   3-step;   open natural;
  open impetus;   feather;   
  double rev spin;   curving 3-step;  
  back curving 3-step;   3-step;
  natural hover cross;;  top spin;  
  whisk;   open natural;   
  hesitation change;

Part B - 
  open tele;   natural fallaway weave;;
  3-step;   natural weave;;   rev wave;;
  closed impetus;   feather finish;   
  telemark to Scp;   1/2 natural;   
  open impetus;   promenade weave;;   	change of direction;

End - 
  open telemark;   chair & tilt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - B - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de