2-Step/Fox Phase IV+2

Intro - 
  LOP, both fc RLOD, trail ft free &
  pt'd sd - wait; circle in 4 step/kicks;;
  (tch on last)  rock 4;

Part A - 
  side R;   sync vine;  (l, 2/&, 3/4, -)
  tch, pt, behind, sd;  sync vine; (l/&, 2-, 3)
  side R;   man sync vine;
  woman sync vine; (l, 2/&, 3, 4)
  sync vine, fan & tch; (Bjo/DLW)  (1/&, 2,fan,tch)
  diamond turn;;;;   hover telemark;  
  open nat'l;   double outside swivels;
  weave 4;  change of direction;  
  double rev spin;   3-step;
  curved feather;   back feather;  
  back 3-step;    open impetus;    
  twirl to skirt skaters; (W-trans)
  skate L & R;  fwd/lk, fwd;
  skate R & L;   fwd/lk, fwd; |28
  viennese turns;;;  
  bk, sd, tch/W trans;  (face)

End - 
  1 V.  turn;  bk, sd, tch; (shadow) 
  rock 4;  sd R;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A (1-28) - End

Martin Prüfer,