Old vienna

2-Step Phase II

Intro - Bfly/wall
  twirl/vine 3 & rev;;;; (OP/LOD)

Part A - 
  apt & swing;   roll across (in 2);  
  REPEAT;;   apt & swing;   
  manuv & tch;   2 R turns;;
  apt & swing;   PU to Scar & tch;
  wheel 3 to Bjo/RLOD;   
  step bk & tch;   apt & tch;  
  step to Scar & tch;
  wheel 3 to Bjo/LOD;   
  step bk & tch;
  twirl/vine 3 in & out;;;;  
  4 L turns;;;; (OP/LOD) 
  (for END - face wall)

Part B - 
  step swing to bk-to-bk;  
  sd, tch;   sd, close;   sd, tch;  
  step & swing to Bfly;   sd, tch;
  sd, close;    sd, tch to Scar;   
  fwd, close;   fwd flare to Bjo;   
  fwd, close;  drift apt to RH star;  
  roll 3 & rev to OP;;;;  

End - 
  dip; twist

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A - End

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