Oh you kid

2-Step Phase II

Intro - CP/wall
  2 sd closes;  	sd, thru to OP;

Part A - 
  2 fwd 2's;;    strut 4;;   REPEAT;;
  Charleston;;  2 fwd 2's;;
  Charleston;;  2 fwd 2's;;  (Bfly)

Part B - 
  2 sd tchs;  one side 2-step;
  2 sd tchs;  one side 2-step;
  away 3 & kick;   away 3 & kick;
  strut tog in 4;; (Bfly)
  REPEAT;;;;;;;; (CP)

Part C - 
  broken box;;;;
  sd 2-step to LO (RLOD);  
  rk bk, rec to face;
  sd 2-step to OP (LOD);  
  rk bk, rec to CP; (on Repeat to OP)
  REPEAT;;;;;;;; (to OP)

End - 
  open vine 3 & pt line;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de