Oceans of love

2-Step Phase III+2

Intro - CP/DW
  wait;;  dip back;
  manuv;   spin turn;
  box finish;   2 LTs;;  (DW)

Part A - 
  1/2 box fwd;   manuv;   open imp;  
  semi chasse;  chasse to Bjo;   
  closed wing;   open telemark;  
  chair, rec, slip;   diamond turn;;;;
  turn L, chasee to Bjo;  PU in 3;  
  turn L, chasse to Scp;  
  thru, fan, touch;

Part B - 
  whisk;   manuv;   bk, bk/lk, back;
  open imp;   X pivot Scar;
  X hover Bjo; to Scar;  to Scp;  wing;
  open tele;   fwd, fwd/lk, fwd;  
  hover fallaway;   step back & point;   	manuv;   2 RTs;;  (DW)

End - 
  dip bk;  manuv;  overspin trn; (wall)  	1/2 box back;  sway L & R;;   roll 3;   	thru, sd, behind;  roll 3;  thru, fc, cl; 
  whisk;  W roll across;  twinkle thru;
  thru, face, close;   side, draw, tch;
  rev twirl & extend;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de