My love forgive me

Bolero Phase V+1

Intro - 
  cuddle pos, trail ft free- wait;;
  3 cuddles;;;  sd to prom sway line -
  3 slow hip rocks;;

Part A - 
  full basic;;  (to a) nat'l top 3; (wall)
  basic ending;  1/2 turn basic; (to a)
  fwd open break;   L pass to hndsh;
  lunge break;   
  lady curl to 2 sweethearts;;
  start a lariat;   turkish towel;;
  finish lariat;  time & turn;
  turn & time;

Part B - 
  cross body to hand shake;
  half moon;;  start half moon;
  underarm turn;  2 shadow breaks;;
  shadow break to a manuv;
  bolero pivot 3 to RLOD, checking;
  sweetheart rocks;  drift apart;
  fwd open break (jn R hnds);
  back walk with arms 2x;; (to a)
  nat'l top 3; (wall)  hip rocks; (SQQ)

End - 
  aida to LOD;  aida line/rec to fc;
  hip lift;  bolero walks;  
  manuv & bolero pivots to Scp;;
  bolero walks;  prom sway/change; 

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A - End

Martin Prüfer,