Mountain of Love

Jive Phase IV+
Choreographer: Jerry Packman
Record: Reprise 7-19025

Intro: Overturned Throwaway position, both facing LOD.
	On the 1st beat, sl. chicken walk to face; Sl. Chicken Walk;
	4 quick chickens; Link to Whip Turn (Wall);;

A:  Fallway Rk;,, Fallaway Throwaway;; Stop and Go;; Left-Right;,,
    Change Hands Behind the Back;; Turning Fallaway;,, Rk, Rec;
    Kick-Ball-Change twice;; Throwaway;

B:  Change Hands Behind the Back;,, Rev. Change Hands Behind the Back;;
    Lindy Catch;; Left-Right;,, Shoulder Shove;; Spanish Arms twice;;;
    Prog. Rock 4; Pretzel Wrap, double rock;; Unwrap (*see note);,,
    Pretzel Wrap, single rock;; Unwrap to BFLY; Link to Whip Turn;;

Repeat AB

Repeat A ending in handshake facing line, then do the ending:

End: Triple Wheel 5;;,, Spin on 6 (to the Wall); Link Rock to Semi;,,
     Rk, Rec; Lift to a Press Line.

*NOTE: Styling: The feet and body finish the pretzel unwrap in a semi
     position, but the hands circle through the air as you unwrap
     the pretzel, ending pointing down line, between the two of you,
     just over the joined lead hands. This is essentially the arm
     position that many of us use in leading an Aida.

Martin Prüfer,