Love story Rhumba

Choreographer: Lawson
Rhumba Phase VI

Intro - 
  wait (flurry of notes & 1 strong note)
  cucaracha L & R;;   three threes;;;;

Part A - 
  alemana to rope spin;;;;   
  NYer to sway line;
  in & out runs with sway line;;
  manuv & bolero pivot 4,  - 
  step fwd to sway line;;
  spot turn; (CP)

Part B - 
  adv hip twist;  circular hip twist;;
  fan;   stop & go hockey stick/caress;;
  3 alemanas;;;;

Part C - 
  lunge & sit line to ale.  with hands;;
  lariat with hands to spin ending;;
  lady curl to swivels;;  
  hockey stick ending to handshake;
  ---------------TO END--------
  1/2 basic;  alemana surprise check;
  sweetheart;   ale.  surprise check;
  sweetheart;   underarm turn;

End - 
  1/2 basic in 4;  
  start 3 three's (M trans);;;
  step sd, cross behind to sit line;
  change sway & "palms up";

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B C (1-7) - End

Martin Prüfer,