London by night

Waltz Phase VI

Intro - OP/LOD
  l	unge away with sway;
  sd, draw, tch/ W roll to CP;

Part A - 
  1 left turn;  chasse to Bjo;  manuv;
  open impetus;  qk open rev;
  bk to prom. sway;  change of sway;
  fallaway ronde & slip;  
  curving 3-step;   back to hinge;  
  qk swivel, thru, sway line;
  extend sway line;  back hover;  
  open natural;   outside spin;  
  turning right lunge, roll & slip;

Part B - 
  closed telemark;  manuv;  spin turn; 	chasse to Bjo;  qk open rev; 
  bk to throw.  oversway;; (7 counts)
  hold, change to prom sway;(2 cnts)
  same foot lunge;  	rec to dbl rev spin;
  double rev spin;   whisk;   
  weave to Bjo;;   manuv;  
  hesitation change;

End - 
  slow contra check;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A B - A - End

Martin Prüfer,