Let me show you how

Choreographer: Slater
Jive Phase IV+2

Intro - Bfly/wall - look LOD
  4 pt steps;;

Part A - 
  fallaway rock  -   jive walks;;;   
  swivel 4;   throwaway;    
  change L to R  -   Am. spin;;;
  stop & go - 2x;;;;

Part B - 
  jive basic - fallaway throw;;; (handshake)
  triple wheel (COH) -  
  change hands X back;;;; (Bfly)   	
  windmill 2x;;;  	double rock;  
  chasse L & R; (Scp)

Part C - 
  pretzel turn - double rk - 
  unwind the pretzel
  REPEAT;;;;;;; (to face)
  change hands X back (Bfly)   
  Sp. arms;;;   link to a whip turn;; (wall)
  (go to "B" or "A")

End - 
  jive basic  -  fallaway throwaway;;;  
  (no rk)	kick/ball, change 2x;    
  (no rk)	chicken walks (2/4);;  (rk) link to Scp  - 
  pretzel turn - dbl rk -  unwind the pretzel
  pretzel turn - dbl rk  - unwind to Bfly  -
  dbl rk apt - open break & hold;;;;;;;;;;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B C - A - End

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