Leroy swing

Choreographer: Palmquist
Jive Phase V+2

Intro - 3' apt
  dig/step & snap tog 4x;;

Part A - 
  change R to L & L to R;;;   
  change hands X back  -  
  change L to R;;; (dhh)
  dbl rk;   flick/cross 2x;   dbl rk;
  change L to R; (h-shake)  
  triple wheel 5 (wall)
  link to dbl whip turn;;;;;;

Part B - 
  bk 2, kick, step;  	kick, face  - 
  kick, step 2x  -  back, face;;   
  kick, step 2x;    
  --------------- (END - lunge apt)
  (rk apt) curly whip;;(wall)  
  jive walks - 2 triples  -
  knee swivel 2x;;

Part C - 
  fall. throwaway  -  
  link to whip turn (LOP/LOD)
  disco points 4x to face -  
  rk & change L to R  (LOD);;;;;;;    	stop & go;;
  stop & go/W spin end in 2;;   
  cont. chasse;   left spin  -  
  mod roll off arms;;;; (Scp) (to "B")

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B - A B C - B(1-4) -

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