Lean baby

2-Step/Fox Phase IV

Intro - CP/wall - cheek to cheek
  2 sd tchs;   2 sd closes;
  twirl/vine 4;  (CP/DLW)

Part A - 
  2 fwd 2's;;   2 turn 2's;; (LOD)
  prog scis Scar/Bjo;;   
  qk twisty vine 4;
  side, draw, close; (DLW)

Part B - 
  closed hover; (fwd, sd, bk)
  feather finish;   full rev turn;;
  3-step;   1/2 nat'l turn;
  hesitation change;   open telemark;

Part C - 
  feather finish;   rev wave;;
  back feather;   back 3-step;
  open imp;   prom weave;;

Bridge - 
  change of dir;   open telemark;
  "thru" vine 4;  thru, sd, draw, close;

End - 
  side to prom sway/oversway;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A B C - Bridge A B C - Bridge - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de