Choreographer: Preskitt
Waltz Phase IV+2

Intro - OFP/wall
   hnds low IF of body
  trail ft free - wait;
  raise arms,, step sd to LO fcg;
  check thru, rec, sd;
  M chasse/W thru & twirl LF to Bjo;

Part A - 
  manuv;   open imp;  weave to Scp;;
  chair, rec, slip;   drag hesitation;
  bk, bk/lock, bk;   outsd change Scp;
  semi chasse;   
  thru to Prom Sway/Oversway;;
  rec, outside swivel;  semi chasse;
  in & out runs;;   slow side lock;

Part B - 
  cl.  telemark Bjo;   fwd, fwd/lk, fwd;
  manuv;  over spin to DRW;
  turning lock;   curved feather;
  back passing change;   
  back, chasse to Bjo;   manuv;
  open impetus;   left whisk;
  unwind to Bjo;   slow outside swivel;
  cross hesitation;   bk, bk/lk,bk;
  bk hover telemark;   weave to Bjo;;

End - 
  cross pivot Scar;  X hover Scp;
  weave to Scp;;   in & out runs;;
  PU, fan & close;   R lunge;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - End

Martin Prüfer,