Kiss me goodbye

Choreographer: Lawson
Rhumba Phase VI

Intro - R shadow/wall, TRAIL ft free
  sweetheart 2x;; (join L hnds)   
  wheel 1/2;
  sync wheel/lady spin to face;

Part A - 
  1/2 basic to cont nat top;;;;    
  nat open out/W spiral to rev top;;;
  lady back to fan;   hockey stick;;

Part B - 
  adv alemana;;  
  bk break to open, BOTH spiral;
  aida;   switch rock;   
  spot turn; (RLOD)   	adv alemana;;
  open hip twist to a fan;;   
  hockey stick prep;
  cucaracha 2x;;   finish hockey stick;
  man lunge/W sit line; 
  (M-lower,rise & cl;W-bk,rec,sd)
  crab walk with arms;

Part C - 
  lady twirl to tamara; (LOD)   
  wheel 1/2; (RLOD)
  wheel & wrap; (wall)   
  wheel 1/2; (COH)
  lady unwrap, both lunge line;
  man rec to face - W spin to face;
  M - turn & L - time;   
  M - time & L - overturn to shadow;
  adv sliding door;;
  start adv sliding dr - 
  W spriral to a fan;;
  3 alemanas;;;; (go to "A,B,C")	
  (last time - overtrn to shadow - end)

End - 
  adv sliding door;; 
  (hold lunge - rec on "me")
  start adv sliding door - 
  W spiral to a fan;;
  alemana;;   kiss & lunge apt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - End

Martin Prüfer,