Its heaven

Choreographer: Carnivale
Waltz Phase III+1

Intro - Bfly
  wait;;   twirl/vine 3;   
  thru, face, cl; (CP)

Part A - 
  canter 2x;;   twisty vine 3;   
  fwd, face, cl; (CP)
  canter 2x;;   twirl/vine 3;   
  thru, face, close; (CP)
  whisk;   wing;   open telemark;  
  manuv;   spin turn;   
  1/2 box back to Scar;
  X hover to Scp;   thru, fc, cl; (CP)

Part B - 
  step to OP & pt;   spin manuv;  
  open imp;   PU in 3;  2 LT;; (wall)  
  vine 3 to Scp;   chair, rec, tch;   
  semi chasse;   chasse to Bjo;
  fwd, fwd/lk, fwd;   manuv;   
  open impetus;    	wing;   
  open telemark;
  ---------- to end ---------
  thru, face, close; (CP)

End - 
  thru, twisty vine 4 & hold;
  (I use:   thru, face, close;  apt, ack;)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B(1-15) - End

Martin Prüfer,