In time

Choreographer: Lawson
Fox Phase VI

Intro - CP/DC
  wait 3 strong beats...
  rev fallaway slip;   whisk;  
  thru to prom sway;
  change sway, step side;  
  contra check, rec Scp;
  ------------------ to end---------
  weave 3 to Bjo;   
  slow outside swivels;
  (on "meeee") slow back weave 4;

Part A - 
  hover tele;  	nat'l fallaway weave;;
  change of dir;   closed tele (Bjo);
  traveling hover X;   fwd to R lunge;
  rec to feather finish;  checked rev;
  double nat'l;  checked nat'l;  
  telespin to Scp;;   open natural;  
  hest change; 
  (for end add: contra check, rec)

Part B - 
  rev turn 3 - check & weave;;; 
  change of dir;   open tele;  
  nat'l hover cross;  drag hesitation;   	outside change Bjo;  checked nat'l;  	double rev wing;   	checked rev; 
  natural weave;;  whisk;  feather;

End - 
  repeat meas 1-5 INTRO - 
  throwaway oversway;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - Intro - A - End

Martin Prüfer,