If you want to find love

Cha-Cha Phase III

Intro - OPFcg
  apt, ack;  tog, tch; (Bfly)

Part A - 
  face-to-face & back-to-back;;
  basketball turn;; (Scp)
  fwd hitch;  walk back 2;
  back hitch;  walk 2;

Part B - 
  2 fwd 2's;;  traveling box;;;; (PU)
  2 fwd 2's;;   prog scis to Scar/Bjo;;
  fishtail;   walk & face;  2 turn 2's;;
  twirl 2;   walk & face;

Part C - Cha - Bfly
  full basic;;   NYer;
  spot turn;   fence line;  
  crab walks;;   NYer;

End - 
  2 fwd 2's;;   twirl 2;  apt, ack;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B - A - C C - End

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