If I could write a book

Fox Phase VI

Intro - tandem/wall both RF free & XIB
  man fwd;   -, bk/lady trn (hold);
  vine 4;   rk 3;  front, sd,-, front;
  roll 3; (prepare to blend to Scp)

Part A - 
  feather;   rev trn 3;   
  check & weave;;  3-step;
  nat turn;   hest. change;   
  contra check, rec, switch;
  curved feather;   
  bk tipple chasse pivot;  pivot 3 (Scp);
  whip lash;   double fallaway to Bjo; 
  qk feather finish;   open rev slip;  
  change of direction (overtrn) to Bjo;

Part B - 
  bk hover to Scp;  in & out runs;;;  
  twisty vine 4;  prep;  same ft lunge;  
  rec to Bjo;
  outside change Scp (mod. timing);  
  open nat;   heel pull to hairpin;  
  open imp; |12
  thru, sd, XIB; unwind; vine 4; roll 3 to open;         

Part C - 
  check,-,rec,sd;  --/roll across;   
  sd,-,cross, rec;   roll to face;  
  cross check to tandem;   rock 3;
  roll lady out;   he go she go;
  (CP/DLC)   open tele;    nat weave;;
  whisk;   double swivel;   feather;
  open rev & slip;   change of dir;

End - 
  fwd slow hover to Bjo;;  
  zig zag outside swivel;   
  link to Scp;   thru,-sd, behind;   
  unwind;   rock 3;
  thru, sd,-, thru;   
  sd,-, point thru,-;   wrap up;

SEQUENCE: Intro A B C - B(12) End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de