Hitch hike

2-Step Phase III+2

Intro - Bfly/wall
  wait;;   NYer 2x;;

Part A - 
  basic;;    bk break to OP;   
  swivel 2 & cha;
  slide the door;   rk sd, rec, face cha;
  1/2 basic;   spot turn;   fenceline 2x;;
  hand to hand w/hitchhike - 2x;;

Part B - 
  chase;;;; (M-B-W-back basic)
  alemana;;    lariat;;
  hand to hand - 2x;;
  shoulder to shoulder 2x;;

Inter - 
  chase with peek-a-boo;;;;

End - 
  hand to hand w/hitchhike - 2x;;
  rk, rec/hitchhike & freeze;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - Inter - A B - Inter - End

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