High on a Mountain

Jive Phase VI

INTRO:	tandem/MIB - both RF free - wait;  bk chicken walks (2sl,4qk);;;
	rk, trans to face; (M-a/rk, rec, pt,-; W-a/rk, rec, trn/pt,-;)

PART A:	change R to L & L to R;;;   whip turn;; (wall)
	rotary zig-zag to wrap;; (wall)   disco lunges;
	spot turn/W-spin  -  mod curley whip/inside turn
	man under & pt;;;;  (RH-shake for end)

PART B:	stop & go;; (RH-shake)   Miami special
	passing Am. spin to tandem/W-trans;;;  turning coca rolas
	roll/trans to face (RLOD)  (M-1-2-3, 1-2-3  W-1,2,  1-2-3)
	triple wheel 4;;;;;; (no spin)   rev underarm/X back; (1-2-3, 1-2-3)

PART C:	chug around  -  
	neck slide/wheel 2 (neck slide: M- 1,2,  1-2-3  W- 1-2-3, 1-2-3)
	patticakes;;    circular chicken walks;
	Am. spin/M trans (M-1-2-3, 1,2)

END:	mod roll off arm (s. skaters) (1,2, 1-2-3,   1,2,3,4, 1-2-3)
	dbl bk ripple;;;; (3,4  1,2,3,4)   ronde, ball/change to 2 pt steps
	roll 2;;    side lunge;


ROUND DANCE CUE SHEET SERVER: http://www.round-dance.de/
Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de