Hand over your heart

Cha-Cha Phase IV+1

Intro - Fcg/no hnds jnd
  step, tch & snap, 4x;;
  apt, ack, tog, tch; (Bfly)   full basic;;
  NYer; spot turn;

Part A - 
  alemana;; hand to hand; (Bfly)  
  crab walk 2x;; aida; switch;  
  cucaracha R;

Part B - 
  lunge, twist;  
  behind, side, fwd/lk, fwd; (Bfly)
  twirl/vine  cha &  rev;; NYer to OP;
  walk 2, fwd cha; circle cha;; (Bfly) |8
  rk sd, rec, cross, side, cross - 2x;; |10
  apt, ack, tog, tch (Bfly);

Inter - 
  vine 4;

Part C - 
  1/2 basic;  whip;   NYer;   
  fence line; 1/2 basic; whip; merengue - 2x;
  peek-a-boo chase;;;;
  vine 2, face-to-face;  
  vine 2, back-to-back;
  cucaracha L & R;;

End - 
  full basic;;   NYer;   
  step fwd, apt & pt;

SEQUENCE: Intro A B - A B(10) Inter  C - B B(8) - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de