Fields of gold

Choreographer: Lamberty
Rhumba Phase V+1

Intro - CP/wall
  wait;;  1/2 basic to a fan;;

Part A - 
  hockey stick - overturned;; (DRW/DC)
  W slow swivels;  
  W qk swivel & walk to face;
  underarm turn; (Bjo)   
  adv hip twist to a fan;;
  hip twist from fan to fan;; (DW/DRC)
  hip twist from fan to fc;; (COH/WALL)

Part B - 
  fwd basic - M trans/W overturn to shadow;
  hip rolls - 2 sl, 3 qk (SS;QQS);;
  back basic - W trans & turn to face;
  fwd sync prep;  slow dip & rec;
  adv hip twist to fan;;  (go to "A")

Part C - 
  alemana;;   slow opening out in 2;
  adv hip twist - M overturn to LOD;;
  fwd trning basic to CP;  sync rocks;
  bk trning basic to OPFcg/COH;  
  (go to "B")

End - 
  fwd sync basic prep;   dip & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A C - B - A - End

Martin Prüfer,