Esprite d Tango

Tango Phase III

Intro - CP/LOD
  wait;  	walk & face;
  vine 4;  	pivot 2; (LOD)

Part A - 
  walk 2;  tango draw;
  walk & face;  sd, close, pt (LOD);
  behind, sd, thru, pt (RLOD);  
  thru, sd, behind;
  unwind in 4;  (LOD)  	tango draw;

Part B - to the center
  whip to Left Open;;
  double cross;;  	
  outside swivel/PU;  (CP/RLOD)
  tango draw;  	gaucho rock 4;  (LOD)
  sd, tap, sd, tch (Scar);  (DLW)

Part C - 
  run 3 & flare to Bjo;  
  run 3 & flare to Scar;
  tango draw; (CP/LOD)  	corte, rec;
  Argentine walks;;;  	tango draw;

End - 
  walk & face;  	vine 4;  
  pivot 2;  (wall)
  sd to prom. sway/qk change of sway;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - A(1-8) - End

Martin Prüfer,