Dream awhile

Choreographer: Ellis
Waltz Phase III

Intro - CP/LOD
  wait 3 PU notes

Part A - 
  2 left turns;; (Scp)    fwd waltz; 
  X pivot to Scar/LOD;  
  twinkle to Bjo/RLOD;
  fwd waltz & check-it;   
  Bjo pivot to Scp;
  PU in 3; REPEAT;;;;;;;; ( REV/SCP)

Part B - 
  twinkle out; in; out;
  W roll across; W roll back to skirt-skaters;
  fwd waltz, turn; back waltz, turn;
  W roll across;   
  step fwd/flare to Bfly;
  thru, sd, behind; roll 3 to CP;  
  thru, sd, close; |12
  dip back; pivot 3 to Scp;  
  twirl 3;  PU in 3;

End - 
  dip back;    pivot 3; (LOD)   whisk;
  into the center in 2 & tch;    
  hook & unwind;
  dip back;    spot twirl;   ack;

SEQUENCE: A B - A B - A B(1-12) - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de