Down Mexico Way

Choreographer: Slater
Cha-Cha Phase V+2

Intro - OP/wall - hnds on hips
  spot turn 2x;;  (LOF)

Part A - 
  open break to nat'l top;; (wall)
  adv hip twist to fan;;
  stop & go hockey stick;;
  hockey stick;;  alemana;;
  rk 4;  1/2 chase;; (M-M)
  NYer to OP; (hds on hips)
  solo Cuban breaks;  spot turn;

Part B - 
  fenceline;  2 dbl underarm trns;;
  whip to LOP;  cha cha walks;;
  -----------TO END--------
  NYer;  whip to Bfly/wall;

Part C - 
  rev underarm trn; crab walks LOD;;
  aida;   switch rock to wrap; (wall)
  3 sweethearts to face;;; (W:bk,rec,fwd trn RF)
  alemana to rope spin;;;; (no hnds)
  shoulder to shoulder 2x;; (R/L)
  spot/time;  time/spot;

End - 
  X lunge, rec - sliding door;
  X lunge, rec face cha;  spot turn 2x;;
  lunge RLOD & hold;      (44)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A C - A B (1-6) - End

Martin Prüfer,