Change partners

Fox Phase VI

Intro - shadow/wall - both LF free
  no wait
  raise arms;;
  L arm down;  R arm down;
  rocks (ss qq ss), 
  feather finish;

Part A - 
  hover;   running open nat'l;
  feather finish;  dbl rev spin;
  rev wave 3;  check & weave 2;
  rev swivel, PU in 2;
  R lunge, rec, slip; full rev turn;; |10
  3-step;   1/2 nat'l;   hest change;
  open tele;   nat'l weave;;

Part B - 
  change of dir;   travel contra check;
  big top;   rev wave;;   
  pivot to hairpin;   back feather;
  feather finish;

End - 
  left feather (sqq; qq) 
  hover corte (sqq)
  zig zag (qq);;;;;
  inverted swivel, link to Scp; (qqqq)
  rev twirl/vine;  (sqq)
  left open lunge line; (ss)
  W roll to shadow;; 
  (W-sqq ss / M sq&q ss)
  rocks;;- (ss qq ss)
  W roll - walk off--;; (qq ss ss)

SEQUENCE: Intro A A B - A(10) End

Martin Prüfer,