Castles and kinds

Choreographer: Slater
Waltz Phase V+1

Intro - CP/DW
  No intro, starts on 1st beat of music

Part A - 
  1/2 box fwd;   manuv;   open imp;
  PU lock;   1 LT;   hover corte;
  outside spin; (LOD)
  hover corte; (DRC)  open imp;
  weave to Bjo;  manuv;  
  overspin turn;  bk turning lock;
  manuv;  hesiation change;

Part B - 
  open tele;  curved feather check;
  prep to same foot lunge;; 
  (M tch/W cl on prep)
  recover to hinge;  open imp;
  qk open rev;  bk, chasse to Bjo;
  open nat'l;  bk, bk/lk, bk;
  open imp;   PU lock;
  open tele;   nat'l hover cross;;
  double rev spin (DW);

End - 
  hover telemark;  open nat'l;
  tipple chasse to face LOD;
  contra check & extend;;

SEQUENCE: A - B - A B - End

Martin Prüfer,