Bottle it up

Jive Phase IV+1

Intro - OPfcg
  wait;   apt, ack, tog, tch;   
  sd, tch, sd chasse;   rk, rec, walk 2;
  pretzel turn;  dbl rk; 	unwrap;   dbl rk;

Part A - 
  jive walks;   swivel 4;   throwout;
  sugar push -  	rev underarm turn;;;
  tog 2 & 2 R turn triples -
  chasse rolls LOD  -  
  chasse rolls RLOD (face)
  change R to L;;;;;;; (COH)
  change hands X the back  -  
  rk & open vine 4 to PU;;;  
  (last time to Scp)

Part B - foxrot/jive
  dia turn 1/2;;   
  sd, tch, sd chasse to Scar;   
  ck fwd, rec, sd, X to Bjo; (DRW) 
  REPEAT;;;; (DLC)
  rk apt & link to whip turn;; (Scp/RLOD)
  change R to L (RLOD - RH-shake)
  triple wheel;;;; (wall)   basic  -  rk, rec;;

End - 
  jive walks;   swivel 4;  REPEAT;;  
  change R to L;  (COH)  
  change hands behind  back  -  rk, rec;;   
  open vine 4;   
  side to prom sway & change of sway (sp:47)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - A - End

Martin Prüfer,