And I love you so

Choreographer: Childers
Rhumba Phase V

Intro - LOFcg/wall
  trail ft free
  wait;;  & 2 beats  --sd R;   
  NYer;   spot turn;

Part A - 
  open hip twist to a fan;;    
  hockey stick;;
  alemana;;   hnd to hnd - both spiral;
  aida;    switch to Bfly;  1 crab walk;
  rev underarm turn;    spot turn;   
  NYer in 4;   	NYer;   1 in & out run;    	pivot in 4/woman spiral;

Part B - 
  man spiral - woman roll 3;    
  shadow fence line;   slip pivot;
  slow swivels;    lower & rise;
  woman roll in;   
  hockey stick end to RHshake;
  alemana;;  (take both hands)   
  adv hip twist to a fan;;     alemana;;
  3 opening outs;;;    spot turn;

End - 
  overturned hip twist - man trans; wall
  side lunge;  (LOD)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - End

Martin Prüfer,