A summer place

Slow 2-Step Phase V+1

Intro - 
  "cuddle pos" wait;;  2 open basics;;

Part A - CP
  2 lunge basics;; (manuv)
  R spot turn;;  R trn outside roll;
  basic ending;  2 lunge basics;; (PU)
  L spot turn;;  L trn inside roll;
  open baisc;  4 switches;;;;
  2 open basics;;  basic;; (PU)

Part B - 
  triple traveler - W overturn to 
  Bfly/LOD - basic ending;;;;
  underarm turn;
  lariat to Bfly/LOD;;
  ------------ TO END -------
  basic ending; (low dbl hh)

Part C - 
  4 traveling cross chasses;;;;
  L trn inside roll; 
  basic ending; (manuv)
  R trn outside roll;  basic ending;
  side basic to Bfly;  wrap - M trans;
  3 sweetheart runs;;;
  unwratp - Man trans;

End - 
  side lunge;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B - (1-7) - End

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