A little less talk

Jive Phase IV+2

Intro - facg ptr/wall - low Bfly
  prog rock 8;;

Part A - 
  chasse L & R; change R to L and L to R;;; |4
  shoulder shove - chnge hnds X bk to handshake;;;
  triple wheel to face RLOD - rk, rec;;;
  chick  walks - 2 sl, 4 qks;; Scp/LOD |12

Inter - 
  rk, rec, chasse rolls lod;;  & to rev;;

Part B - 
  pretzel turn  -  unwrap the pretzel;;;
  fallaway throwaway  -  llindy catch -
  change L to R to Scp;;;;;

Part C - 
  jive walks  -  throwaway  -
  sailor shuffles 2x  - chng L to R;;;;;
  sailor shuffles 2x;  Sp. arms 2x;;;
  (wall)  dbl rk to Scp;  4 pt, steps;;

End - 
  jive walks - swivel 4 - throwaway  -
  rk, rec;;;;  chicken walks 2 sl;
  chicken wrap/sit & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro A Inter A B C - A A(5-12) End

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