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Waving Flag
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         TS PH II

Sequence: Intro-AB-AB-BC-A*-C-End           music

Intro: OFP Pos Fcg WALL;; Apt pt; Tog tch to SCP; Traveling Box;;;;
Part A: 2 Fwd Two-Steps;; Lace UP to fc;;;; Dbl Hitch;;
Circle Away in 2 Two-Steps;; Together 2 Two-Steps;;
Sciss Thru-twice;; Basketball Turn;; *
2 Fwd Two-Steps;; 2 Trng Two-Steps;; 2 sd closes; Sd draw cl; Box;;
Part B: Face to Face; Back to Back; Face to Face; Back to Back;
Scis to Scar; Scis to Bjo; Fwd Hitch; Hitch/Scis thru to SCP;
Part C: Left Trng Box;;;; Vine 4; Wk 2; 2 Trng Two-Steps;;
End: Apt,pt;