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Choreographers: Klaus Völkl                         RB A-Level PH III

Sequence: Intro-AABC-AB-DC-EE-End           music

Intro: OFP Pos Fcg WALL;; Cucaracha-2x;; Twirl Vine & Rev;; New Yorker-2x;;
Part A: Basic;; Rev UA trn; Crab Walks to OP;; Prog Walks;
Circle in 6 to Bfly;; Fence Line-2x;; Spot Turn-2x;
Part B: Chase;;;; Shoulder to Shoulder-2x;;
Part C: Open Break; Whip; Time Step-twice;;
Open Break; Whip; Side draw close:
Part D: Chase Peek a boo;;;; Shoulder to Shoulder; UA trn; Lariat;;
Part E: Basic;; Break bk to OP; Prog Walks; Slide the Door-2x;; Circle in 6;;
Sd walks; Crab Walks; Sd draw close;
End: Open Break - just one step and smile