Record: CD, Ross Mitchell Gold Latin 2 Track 2

Choreographer: Schmidt

Rhythm/Phase: Cha, III

Speed: 45


Sequence: INTRO A B C A D B C A* END M


INTRO (FCG No Hands) Wait 2;; Time Step Twice to BFLY;;


PART A (0:08/0:54) New Yorker; Crab Walks;; Spot Turn;

Crab Walks Rev;; Spot Turn* Twice;;

PART B (0:23/1:25) Hand to Hand Twice;; Back Break to OP; Walk 2 & Fwd Cha;

Slide The Door both Ways;; Circle Cha;;


PART C (0:38/1:40) Traveling Doors;; Cucaracha Twice;;

Twirl Vine Cha & Rev;; Fence Line Twice;;

PART D (1:09) Time Step Twice;; Full Basic;;

Shoulder To Shoulder Twice;; Spot Turn Twice;;


TAG Thru, Apart & Point;