Roundalab Phase Rating System

ROUNDALAB is the International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.

They have set up the Phase Rating System of round dancing. The purpose of the ROUNDALAB Phase Rating System is to provide a vehicle for rating the round dance figures according to degree of complexity. The concept works as follows:

If a dance has lots of phase II figures, and two phase III figure, it will be rated as Phase II+2. But if the dance has three phase III figures, the whole dance is rated as phase III.

Or even more complicated:
If a dance has lots of figures phase II and one of phase IV, than the dance is rated as III+1. Some figure are not represented in the phase rating system yet. They are called unphased figures. If you have a phase II dance with two phase III figures and one unphased figure the dance will be rated as II+2+1.

It is planned to add this phase rating information automatically to the cue sheets in this server (still on my todo-list).

Martin Prüfer,