How to submit cue sheets to the server

Several people have asked, how they can contribute to the Round Dance Cue Sheet Server. And of course, I am more than happy, if you offer me your help. Find here some information about the procedure - or: "how to submit a cue sheet". The text is organized as a list of questions (q) and answers (a).

Q: I have quick cues only. Do you want to add them to the server?

A: Yes of course. Just send me your cue sheet.

Q: I have some fine prints here. Are they also of interest for your server?

A: Great! Indeed it is very hard to get the fine prints as computer files, because in most cases only the choreographer himself has the files in his computer. We have a special fine print section in our server, where you can find quite a lot of fine prints.

Q: I have quick cues and fine print. What do you need?

A: Even better! Please send me both.

Q: Which format is preferred?

A: Lots of formats can be accepted. You may send me a file in Microsoft Word format, or a pdf file, or even a ASCII file. I do what I can to convert them into the internal format.

Q: Are other formats acceptable too?

A: Yes, some other wellknown file formats will be accepted too. Just send me your file, an I will try what I can do.

Q: Can I send my cue sheet as e-mail?

A: Yes, please send your cue sheet submission to: Thank you very much.
Martin Prüfer,